PlatePocket Slim

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Specs PlatePocket Slim


  • Icon - Flexible
    Soft Flexible Rubber

    Does not crack like plastic or bend like metal

  • Icon - Kangaroo Pouch
    Kangaroo Pouch System

    Patent pending

  • Icon - Stealth
    Stealth Design

    Compliments vehicle look

  • Icon - Recessed
    Recessed Screws

    Prevents paint gouging

  • Icon - All-Weather
    All Weather

    UV resistant and weather rated

  • Icon - Universal Fit
    Universal Fit

    Fits most vehicles

PlatePocket Feature
  • Soft Flexible Rubber
  • 2-in-1 Design
  • Kangaroo Pouch System
  • Stealth Design
  • Recessed Screws
  • All Weather Rated
Flexible Impact Rubber

Flexible Impact Rubber soft & flexible composition, enables PlatePocket to flex on impact and it will not crack, dent or rust like a plastic or metal plate frame.

PlatePocket Feature
PlatePocket Feature
Recessed screw design

Recessed screw design where the mounting screws are recessed into the product to help prevent damage to another vehicle’s bumper during parking.

Kangaroo Pouch System

Kangaroo Pouch System encases your entire license plate in impact resistant rubber. By sliding your plate into the rubber pouch, you protect both your bumper and your license plate from impact and damage.

PlatePocket Feature
PlatePocket Feature
Unobtrusive stealth design

Unobtrusive stealth design providing for maximum protection, remaining taller, wider and thicker than a standard license plate frame, while blending in and maintaining a pleasing vehicle aesthetic.

PlatePocket by BumpTek is made from a super durable flexible rubber that flexes on impact, cushioning minor parking bumps. The specially formulated rubber material can withstand hot and cold climates and remains flexible even at freezing temperatures. PlatePocket will never crack or rust like metal or plastic license plate frames. The patent pending kangaroo pouch system completely encases the license plate in rubber.

The Slim edition measures 12.5 inches wide and 1-inch-thick offering a sleek and modest appearance. Size #14 - 1”-inch length screws are included. Designed for 2 bolt or 4 bolt installation.


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    Good for Bass

    Posted by happy customer

    Using this as a rear license plate holder to get rid of all license plate vibration from my subwoofer. Looks great, and functions perfectly. If you are using it for the same purpose as me, get the slim one.. The deeper ones would look rediculous and block the license plate lights.

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