PlatePocket Classic

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Specs PlatePocket Classic


  • Icon - Flexible
    Soft Flexible Rubber

    Does not crack like plastic or bend like metal

  • Icon - Kangaroo Pouch
    Kangaroo Pouch System

    Patent pending

  • Icon - Stealth
    Stealth Design

    Compliments vehicle look

  • Icon - Recessed
    Recessed Screws

    Prevents paint gouging

  • Icon - All-Weather
    All Weather

    UV resistant and weather rated

  • Icon - Universal Fit
    Universal Fit

    Fits most vehicles

PlatePocket Feature
  • Soft Flexible Rubber
  • 2-in-1 Design
  • Kangaroo Pouch System
  • Stealth Design
  • Recessed Screws
  • All Weather Rated
All Rubber Flexible Construction

The PlatePocket is all about quality, made of an all weather rubber material that stays flexible even in coldest weather. Our all weather rubber material can be used rain or shine and will not crack, break or tear.

PlatePocket Feature
PlatePocket Feature
Will not rust, crack or bend like metal or plastic frames

Constructed out of rubber, PlatePocket is able to flex on impact and will not crack like plastic or rust like a metal license plate frame! Steel or plastic bumper guards are not flexible and will not absorb the impact energy of a parking bump. The rubber construction ensures a lasting finish, while metal or plastic products crack or rust when the finish chips away.

Two-in-one Design

PlatePocket gives you two products for the price of one! As both a license plate frame and a bumper protector PlatePocket offers the best of both worlds, a stylish car accessory and protection for your vehicle from careless drivers.

PlatePocket Feature
PlatePocket Feature
Kangaroo Pouch System

PlatePocket encases your entire license plate in impact resistant rubber, similar to that of a kangaroo pouch. Great for license plates that are slightly bent or hang low on the bumper, the kangaroo pouch system protects the bottom of your license plate while simultaneously protecting your bumper.

PlatePocket by BumpTek is made from a super durable flexible rubber that flexes on impact, cushioning minor parking bumps. The specially formulated rubber material can withstand hot and cold climates and remains flexible even at freezing temperatures. PlatePocket will never crack or rust like metal or plastic license plate frames. The patent pending kangaroo pouch system completely encases the license plate in rubber.

The Classic edition measures 13 inches wide and 1.25-inch-thick offering sensible protection and a stylish design. Size #14 - 1”-inch length screws are included. Designed for 2 bolt or 4 bolt installation.

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