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    BumpTek - Corner Bumper Guards

    BumpTek corner bumper guards are made in Europe where quality is a priority.  Use them on the bumper corners or on the rear bumper to stop parking related scuffs. Attaches with quality 3M tape.  Extra thick at .46" so it sticks out further from the bumper. Available in three sizes14", 20" and 23" length.

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    BumpTek - Rear Bumper Protection

    BumpTeks full length rear bumper guard cushions minor parking bumps.  Made in Europe. The beveled design and curved ends give the product an OEM style that will complement any vehicle. Two sizes available: 53" length and 60" length.

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    BumpTek - Front Bumper Protectors

    License plate holder and front bumper guard in one. BumpTek is made from a super durable flexible rubber to cushion minor parking bumps.  The unique Kangaroo Pouch design surrounds your license plate in rubber.  Attractive black matte finish. Available in two sizes - Classic Edition and Extreme Edition. 

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    BumpTek Corner Bumper Protector Keep You Vehicle Looking New!
    Street parking is a way of life if you live or work in the city, so is the bumper scratches that accompany this lifestyle. The problem is that a vehicle’s painted finish is easily marred by other vehicles during parallel parking. Keep in mind that a scuffed car bumper can cost several hundred dollars to repaint and well over a thousand dollars if it needs to be replaced. So, clearly it makes no sense to repaint your bumper every time a new scuff or scratch appears. One solution is to install corner bumper guards on areas of the bumper most susceptible to damage. The goal is to have some type of barrier that will cushion parking bumps and prevent other vehicles from making direct contact with the bumpers painted surface. Now if you consider that these guards cost only $30-$50 dollars, you will quickly realize why these products have gained such popularity.       

    How Do Stick-On Corner Bumper Guards Work?
    The nice thing about stick on bumper protectors is that they are extremely cost effective and easy to attach. They work by blocking direct bumper-to-bumper contact from other vehicles. So the further away from the vehicle that the guards extend the more effective it will be at preventing scratches to the vehicle paint.  Bumptek bumper guards are very flexible and have excellent compression ratio, so they will compress and then return back to its original shape – in essence it acts as a shock absorber and barrier in one. 

    Not All Bumper Guards Are Created Equal. Why BumpTek Is The Best!
    A common adage reminds us that you get what you pay for.   This holds true even when you talk about car accessories. For many people, it is very easy to get caught up in choosing the correct shape or style of bumper guard that they often overlook the quality of what they are buying. Product quality is an important factor since there may be only a $10 or $20 dollar spread when comparing a cheap quality bumper protector to the best quality.  The Bumptek brand is setting a new standard in quality for an industry that has generally been focused on poor quality products. For starters Bumptek corner and full length rear protectors are manufactured in Europe where quality standards are higher. In addition, Bumptek products have added value because they are generally bigger and thicker than similar products and use premium grade materials - Bumptek is made from a flexible material that will block and cushion parking related bumps, while cheaper products use hard PVC plastic. So the next time you go to a car wash or auto retailer consider the quality of what you are buying and compare the products based on quality, not just price.      

    Are Rear Bumper Protectors Really Necessary?
    A car bumper guard is absolutely necessary if you plan on parking on the street, especially in the city. The rationale is simple, city drivers are more aggressive when searching for parking spaces and most will admit to bumping the car in front and behind them during parallel parking.  While a bumper was designed to protect the vehicle as a whole, the painted surface is easily damaged and scratched, by even the smallest parking bumps. The problem is that almost all license plate mounts have sharp protruding bolts or screws that will dig into a bumper on impacts, leaving the surface pitted, and tearing the paint off. Let’s talk reality here – most vehicles are not equipped with reverse cameras, so drivers are forced to use their best judgment when pulling into and out of a parking space. The result is that parallel parkers will often bump the car in front and behind them in order to enter or exit a spot. While a few scratches on your bumper may not seem like a big deal to some, there will come a time when the vehicle is traded-in or when you return the leased vehicle and guess who will have to pay for the repairs – you will have to pay!

    With So Many Bumper Guards To Choose From Which Is Best?
    In the last few years there has been an influx of new bumper guard options for vehicles. With so many choices, selecting the best product can be an inundating task. The key to making a good decision is never purchase on impulse alone.  Before making a decision you need to evaluate all your options and decide which product is best suited for your situation. Some factors to consider are where you park and how often you move your car. This is important because some bumper protectors are designed for the outdoor use and some are strictly for indoor use. Another consideration is whether you want something that will be affixed to the vehicle with adhesive or something temporary that can be deployed as needed.  My preference for street parking is a good quality, stick-on bumper guard such as the BumpTek RP-60.  Once the product is attached to the vehicle you never need to concern yourself with it again – it does its job and I don’t have to waste time attaching and removing it. Corner bumper guards are everywhere - on taxi cabs, delivery trucks and even luxury cars. A major selling point is their convenience and affordability. So, selecting the best product is not an easy task, it ultimately depends on your personal preference, lifestyle and budget.          
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    Henry Clement: Purchased a BumpTek corner bumper guard for my BMW and absolutely love it!
    Joshua Pinckle: Best Bumper Guard For the Money! Highly recommend if you park on the street!
    Martin Danielson: Decided to purchase corner bumper guards after my car was scratched. . BumpTek fit perfect and looks OEM !
    Alan Zacks: Corner bumper guards protects my car every time I park on the street. Thanks for making a quality product.
    Mark Tillis: Love the matte finish of BumpTek. Product is much better quality then car wash sold bumper guards.
    Allison Vega: Just purchased a new Honda Accord and decided to go with the BumpTek corner bumper protectors. Heard only good things. Would buy again !




  • Quality Corner Bumper Protection
  • OEM Design Bumper Protectors
  • Matte Finish Will Not Chip or Peel
  • Premium 3M Adhesive For Durability
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